Training tailored to your business' and employees' needs, not the textbook

When it comes to safe working in confined spaces, nothing beats experience. All our trainers have had years of field experience working in confined spaces as Rescue Team Leaders.

Rather than simply reading from a textbook, their knowledge of confined space safety management gives your employees and contractors the practical, hands-on training they need to carry out their work safely.

Rockfield Training Courses

> Confined Space Entry
A range of courses to meet your business and employees needs delivered by our experienced hands-on trainers.

> Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Training delivered by manufacturer-certified, experienced BA trainers.

> Atmosphere Testing
Training delivered by experienced atmosphere testers.

> First Aid
Training delivered by experienced emergency first aid trainers.

How it works

Training is the only way to prepare your employees and contractors for working in a confined space. Our experienced trainers work with you to identify your specific training needs for the confined spaces on your site.

We create a specific training plan that meets your training needs, which can be delivered on your own site to make the training both realistic and relevant to your business.

Not seeing what you need?

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