Confined Space Entry Training´╗┐

Everyone involved in confined space work, including managers, supervisors, safety observers and entrants require an awareness and understanding of the Confined Space Regulations, especially the need to avoid entry to confined spaces if at all possible.

We can offer a range of tailored training modules built around the five core issues to be considered when undertaking work in a confined space to ensure that the work is completed safely:

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Confined Space Awareness

This awareness seminar is NOT a substitute for a Confined Space Entry Course and is only offered where a Rockfield Confined Space Support Team is on-site managing confined space operations and offering a full rescue and technical support service.

Confined Space Entry Course

A one-day course which includes awareness and knowledge modules, instruction in correct use of atmosphere testing equipment and self-rescue escape breathing apparatus. With practical exercises in correct method of entry to a confined space and self rescue.

Advanced Confined Space Entry & Rescue Training

A two-day in-depth course which, provides a greater understanding of the basic awareness and knowledge modules, together with instruction in the use of self-contained breathing apparatus and a range of rescue equipment including practical rescue exercises.