SCBA Training

All of our manufacturer-approved trainers provide hands-on training in the use of SCBA equipment to ensure that everyone understands the different types of breathing apparatus, their limitations, and how to work safely.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Course

This 1-day course provides instruction and practical training in understanding the types of respiratory hazards and in the inspection, operation, fitting and working with breathing apparatus.

The HSE Approved Code of Practise (ACOP) states that where full tight-fitting face masks are being used, employers are required to carry out quantitative face fit testing to comply with the COSHH 2002 Reg7.

Quantitative Fit Testing of Tight Fitting Face Pieces

We are able to offer Quantitative RPE fit testing using the PortaCount®Plus respirator fit tester to comply with COSHH 2002 Reg.7- CLAW 2002 Reg.6-CAW 2002 Reg.10 in line with HSE Protocol 282/28. Contact us now for more details.

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