On-Site Rescue Teams

The Confined Space Regulations require that emergency arrangements are in place when undertaking work in any confined space in the event of an emergency.

The legislation also advises that an employer's reliance on the local emergency services to meet this requirement may not be sufficient to cover the risk presented whilst working in a confined space.

We advise all of our clients to contact their local Emergency Services to ensure they are able to offer them the speed of response and technical resources they require to meet this legal requirement.

If the risk assessments and method statements have been properly prepared and the safe systems of work are being followed, then in our experience most incidents in confined spaces are medical emergencies, anything from life threatening conditions to minor injuries.

As with all first aid, response time is key to the outcome; you only have a very narrow window of opportunity to save someone’s life if their heart has stopped or they are being asphyxiated.

Complete entry rescue teams

We can provide fully equipped experienced rescue teams to respond to incidents. Their role is to locate, stabilise, provide first aid and safely extract a casualty from the confined space, and deliver them to the medical emergency services.

A good comparison for this service is that we provide the equivalent of the first responder who gets someone out of danger and prevents injury or conditions from deteriorating further before handing the casualty on to the medical emergency services. When a condition is life threatening, every minute counts and when it comes to safe working in confined spaces, nothing beats experience. 

Fully equipped for all confined space rescue situations

Our teams come fully equipped with a range of rescue equipment, which from our experience, is most suitable for the type of confined spaces on your site.

Because the nature of confined space work is complex, we also provide a consulting service for Safe Systems of Work and Emergency Arrangements to help you create your plans, and to determine exactly what kind of rescue teams are needed at your site.