Setting the standard in confined space safety.

When time is crucial and work in a confined space needs to move forward, our experienced on-site managers, supervisors, and rescue teams provide the experience and fully-trained people you need to get it done.

> Confined Space Management
Full on-site services to manage your day-to-day safety and safe systems of work in confined spaces. 

> Supervisors & Safety Observers
Experienced on-site confined space experts to ensure the work is set up and carried out safely. 

> Atmosphere Monitoring
Trained and experienced atmosphere testers with a wide range of specialist testing equipment. 

> Rescue Teams
Fully equipped and experienced teams of confined space rescue experts. 

> First Aid
Fully equipped experienced first aiders on-site in case an injury occurs and treatment is required.

"A person shall be regarded as competent for the purposes of paragraphs (1) and (8) where he has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the measures referred to in paragraph (1)."

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, regulation 7