On-Site Confined Space Management

On-Site Confined Space Management involves knowing where the confined spaces exist on-site, understanding and categorising their risk, and managing the work within those spaces. Essentially, creating a safe system of work for confined spaces and overseeing the implementation of those plans.

We provide a professional site management service which interfaces with your own permit to work system to give you effective control of all aspects of working in confined spaces. Our team will ensure that the workforce is properly trained, that safe systems of work are being corrected applied, and all employees have the correct PPE. 

This service does not remove your legal responsibility, but gives you an independent expert focused on the safety aspects of working in confined spaces which allows you to manage your site operations more effectively.

Experienced confined space managers

We can provide expertise and a no compromise attitude to confined space safety, so when your business needs additional support we will ensure that the work in confined spaces and the people involved work safely and stay safe.

Fully managed service

Our approach to confined space management is simple and is driven by the desire to prevent accidents from occurring. We will identify specific issues with each confined space on your site such as access, egress, atmosphere, monitoring, working at heights, and create a safe system of work to suit the site and the task.

We provide a one-stop confined space management service that also offers atmosphere monitoring, rescue services, and first aid. All of our teams are fully trained and experienced at working in confined spaces.