Atmosphere Monitoring Service

Confined space regulations require testing and monitoring of the atmosphere in the confined space prior to entry and whilst the work is being undertaken.

However, your teams and contractors may not have either the equipment or training necessary to safely monitor atmospheres or more importantly be able to interpret the results of such testing.

We are able to offer a complete range of services to meet these requirements which includes pre-project atmosphere surveys, pre-entry tests and ongoing monitoring of atmospheres while teams are working in the confined spaces. 

Don't let a build up get the better of you

Even in confined spaces that previously tested 'all clear' to work, you must test the atmosphere every time someone enters the space.

The reasons for this is that atmospheres can quickly become unsafe with toxic gases and flammable vapours accumulating in the confined space since the pre-entry test was carried out. This could be as a result of the work itself or from some other work activity in the vicinity of the confined space.

This is why it is of utmost importance to continuously monitor the atmosphere of the confined space.

Full range of monitoring equipment

Our expert confined space atmosphere testers come fully-equipped with a range of testing instruments to meet your site requirements.

Because your teams and contractors can benefit from doing their own atmosphere monitoring, we can provide Atmosphere Testing Training and Equipment Selection Consulting.