Training Needs Consulting

Confined space training is more than simply understanding the risks involved. Anyone working in a confined space should be trained to identify risks, choose and use equipment correctly, and know what to do in an emergency.

Training is the only way to prepare for working in a confined space. We identify the training needs for our clients and their employees and appointed contractors working in confined spaces.

The training plan

Once we have identified the risks from confined spaces around your site, we then create a specific training plan that meets your training needs.

Maintaining this training is a vital part of your site safety, and our training needs assessment and plan will address the frequency of training required for the various members of your teams.

Training that fits

In our experience, the training you will need to provide your workers is unique to the job and the confined space itself. Theory manuals are well enough, but when it comes to emergency planning, nothing beats actual experience.

Each of our trainers is experienced in confined space work and rescue, and they will create a bespoke training package based on the space you are dealing with, and the real requirements of the job at hand.

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