Equipment Selection

Although the Health & Safety Act does not specify which equipment is appropriate, your business is still required to provide equipment that is "...appropriate in view of the likely emergencies identified in the risk assessment."

Experience is the key to what equipment is appropriate for each job and confined space. We carry a range of equipment that we know is the most suitable and flexible to cover a range of possible confined space emergency rescues.

Our experts will assess your site situation to determine the correct equipment required for each confined space.

The right equipment for the confined space

Because of how gases can collect in a confined space, choosing the right equipment is a must. For example, mechanical ventilation may not be adequate if the levels of toxic gases are building up more rapidly than the air can be replenished.

Likewise, understanding the nature of the entry to the confined space will determine whether self contained breathing apparatus or air-line breathing apparatus is appropriate.

Equipment training makes all the difference

Your teams must have access to the right equipment, and understand how, and when, to use it. Without adequate training, accidents become, sadly, all too common.

Because our experts are professional trainers, as well as consultants, we can ensure your teams know how to use the equipment and understand its limitations.