Confined Space Consulting

Confined spaces are all around us, and in many places you may never have considered. That's where we fit in. We help you spot the dangers before they occur, develop safe systems of work to allow work to be carried out safely and prepare your operations in case the incidents happen when you are working in confined spaces.

> Confined Space Classification
Identify existing and potential confined spaces according to risk and difficulty of carrying out a rescue.

> Safe Systems of Work
Use professional risk assessors to identify the hazards and the procedures to mitigate them, keeping your employees safe.

> Training Needs
Identify your staff and contractor training needs to enable them to work safely in and around confined spaces.

> Emergency Arrangements
Create and carry out plans for rescuing a person in the event of an emergency in a confined space.

> Equipment Selection
Choose the right equipment for the nature of the confined space work on your site, and emergency preparation.

"no person shall enter or carry out work in a confined space unless there have been prepared in respect of that confined space suitable and sufficient arrangements for rescue of a person in the event of an emergency, whether or not arising out of a specified risk"Confined Space Regulations 1997