Rockfield formed in January 2001 as an operational support service business, specialising in all aspects of confined space working.

From the beginning, Peter Harvey set our objective to provide a quality service to undertake confined space operations safely and in accordance with health and safety legislation.

When it comes to confined spaces, we believe the best plan is prevention. If we have done our job properly, we should never need to rescue anyone.

Practical, hands-on experience

Peter recognised that we needed teams of personnel that had both the training and the hands-on experience of working in – and rescue from – confined spaces. Something that, in our experience, other service providers are not able to offer.

With these skills, we are able to work together with our clients to prepare safe systems of work for confined spaces that gives both a realistic and a cost-effective solution. All without having to compromise on safety.

We are proud that the quality of our work, and the experience our teams are able to share with our clients has resulted in less downtime, and more importantly, no accidents.

No compromise. No accidents.

All of our team members share our belief in a no-compromise approach to confined space working and are recruited from the emergency services to ensure that they are trained and practised in working in confined spaces and dealing with trauma.